Friday, August 14, 2015

Mock Squid Soup - August 14, 2015 - Sleepless in Seattle

I am sitting in the last day of class and received a text from Nan that we forgot to do our posts!

I think everyone figured out I watched Sleepless in Seattle.  It was a big favorite, due to the soundtrack, to watch in the video store back in the day.  Last week, I put it on while I was starting to set up my classroom.

It does seem to be both a relic of its time but still holds up well enough to be enjoyable.

And now I must get back to class!

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  1. I saw this a long time after it came out and enjoyed it.
    The pairing of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan makes the movie.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. The pairing of the leads is strong. While researching my clues, I see they have a FOURTH film coming later this year...

  2. I love this movie. The romance that builds between them is amazing considering how long it takes them to meet! Horses horses horses.

  3. This is not a relic-To me it is still a very modern film and a good one. Heck if yours is a relic mine must be more ancient that the pyramids:) I love the film and it's take from Love Affair and An Affair to Remember. Have fun in class

    1. I only mean "relic of its time" in the sense that it really can't be remade and take place "today". The time and plot doesn't allow it. Sure, you can have star-crossed lovers but the gist of this movie (call in radio; pre-Internet snooping; child travel across the country) is less plausible to me.

      That's not to say a brilliant writer can't knock me off my feet and prove me wrong....

  4. While I really like this movie and appreciate the way it ties into the classic film, it does have an incredible soundtrack. Music is usually a big thing for that I try not to take for granted. There are have been soundtracks that entertained me well, but this is one of the few I actually bought and played until the CD wouldn't play anymore. Thank goodness for digital downloads...

    I'm not typically a chick flick kinda of girl, but after this movie released on DVD, my mom rallied together a movie night to watch Love Affair, An Affair to Remember, and then Sleepless in Seatle. It was actually fun.

  5. "I cried at the end of Dirty Dozen."
    "Who didn't?"

    Great movie.

  6. This type of movie is really enjoyable to me. There was a point where When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle (just about any Tom Hanks film, truthfully) and films like that were my go-to flick. Great story, well developed characters - you cared what happened to them and hoped they'd find each other. That makes it worth watching.

  7. I saw Sleepless in Seattle on TV probably 15 years ago, and I really liked it.

    I see you're also a comic book lover, so I'm sure you'll enjoy checking my blog out:

    Please feel free to leave me a comment over there or add yourself as a follower (or both), and I promise I'll reciprocate.




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