Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Star Trek: The Survivor

We celebrated Easter this past Sunday in the MOCK household with bowls of Nan's homemade Pozole Rojo and a viewing of Star Trek: The Animated Series episode The Survivor.

This was a solid episode that embraced some of Star Trek's overall themes and exploited the animated series ability to "bust the budget."  

In this episode, the crew rescues a long missing philanthropist named Carter Winston.  In an example of cosmic coincidences, Winston's fiancee, Lieutenant Anne Nored, is a member of the Enterprise's security team.
Winston Carter in his super groovy spacewear

Anne Nored: Suffers from some early 70's stereotypes about women

Before long, we learn that Winston is really a shape-shifting alien called a Vendorian . 
Kirk and the Vendorian
Once aboard the Enterprise, he transforms himself into Captain Kirk and tries to take the ship into a Romulan trap. But after falling in love with Lieutenant Nored, the Vendorian saves the Enterprise and Kirk agrees to take his actions into account.

Favorite Exchange

Doctor McCoy: I'm glad to see him under guard, Jim. If he'd turned into a second Spock, it would have been too much to take.
Mr. Spock: Perhaps. But then two Dr. McCoys just might bring the level of medical efficiency on this ship up to acceptable levels.

Bloggers extraordinaire, Maurice MitchellSpacerguy and The Armchair Squid are embarking on a new journey to watch all 22 episodes of Star Trek's animated series.  Anyone who watches an episode will be posting on Wednesdays.  All are welcome to join them for all or parts of the adventure. More information can be found HERE.


  1. The whole series had a hard time depicting women. A lot of that comes down to the limits of voice-acting for actors who are not necessarily voice actors. Even Jimmy Doohan wasn't everything he could be, but that may be an observation from someone who heard him for years doing one particular character with a distinctive accent.

  2. Lieutenant Anne Nored really has the sweetest voice voiced by Nichelle Nichols.

  3. Curse you, shape shifters! Oh, the havoc you cause our worlds!!

  4. She's truly a terrible security officer. Even when she knows it's not the real Winston, she is unable to apprehend him. The phaser does have a stun setting, right?

  5. Love conquers all even with aliens. There were some good zingers in that episode and it's one of my favorites (review up now).


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