Friday, August 8, 2014

A Bloggers' Film Society: August 2014: Stand By Me

A while back, The Armchair Squid asked if I would be interested in spearheading a bloghop with him.  I try to participate in his monthly Book Club and thought this sounded fun.

Our inaugural movie is Rob Reiner's seminal look at childhood and friendship, "Stand By Me".

Currently #93 on my flickchart list

I missed this movie back in the day. (I'm certain I watched it in college and after when I worked in a couple of video stores). I would've been about to turn 16 when it came out.  I was reading a lot of King's books at the time and had two strong friends but we didn't do a lot of movie watching.  What we did watch was a whole lot lighter than this.

My two best friends from that time popped in my head as I watched it now.  It is a strong movie.  I've never seen anything else by the two men who worked on the screenplay but I have seen lots of Reiner's movies, as well as performances by the majority of the actors, many of whom went on to rather lengthy careers, though maybe not all as leading men.

I've often wondered what the first R rated movie that I watch with me son will be.  This would be a strong contender.  I look at him and the relationship he has with his two best pals and envy him for all that he has with them.  Don't get me adult relationships are very strong.  I might even disagree with the narrator's final heartfelt assertion and I doubt any kid is ever as self aware as these characters are portrayed as being, but that carefree time....the conversations you have before you discover girls...when the biggest worries are determining what Goofy is....summer days that spread out with endless possibilities for mischief and adventure...I do hope my boy enjoys it all.


  1. Hi! Thanks for putting on this blog hop! It was fun to re-trace my love for STAND BY ME, a movie I saw in my childhood. Unfortunately, I think I still feel my best friendships happened in my youth--too many kids and commitments to get as invested with new, adult, friends.

    As a girl watching this film, I remember being completely intrigued by the Boy Brain, having no brothers this movie demystified boys in a way none had previously. I still love it now, though it makes me wistful--I don't share a love for 60's nostalgia with the narrator, but I do harken back to my junior high years whenever I catch this one on TV.

    Thanks for your review

  2. For the record, I'll take the friends I have now over the ones I had when I was 12. There is one whom I still see every few years, though it's been a while now.

    I love the posters you found, especially the Lard Ass Hogan one.

  3. Probably will be very interesting to see how your son reacts. Obviously we'll need a follow-up when that happens...

  4. Great review, I enjoyed this movie so much when it came out. And there's so much I had forgotten about - Cusack's role as the older brother, the blueberry pie scene. It is very touching that the boy has these friends now that are probably as close as the boys in the movie. This point in his life would be a great moment in time to freeze in some Time Lord art!

  5. I have seen this movie over ten times- but it came out when I was in middle school. The movie had a big impact on me and I would love to hear your son's thoughts- when and if you do watch it with him.

    Every time I hear the song I picture the boys in the movie and various scenes flash through my mind.


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