Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This Day In History: March 18, 1951

Today is Ben Cohen's (of Ben and Jerry's fame) birthday!

Did you know the reason so many of Ben and Jerry's flavors are full of chunks of stuff is because Ben has no sense of taste?

Because Ben could not taste the ice cream they were making, he had to really almost entirely on what is called “mouth feel” and to attain optimum mouth enjoyment he decided that his ice cream should be absolutely filled with chunks. So the entire reason Ben and Jerry’s tastes so good is because a guy who couldn't actually taste anything thought making ice cream "chunky" was a good idea. 



  1. almost like the Beethoven of ice cream

  2. It was indeed a good idea. "Ben"ificial!

  3. You know, I've visited the original factory in Vermont many times over the years, both before and after they sold to Haagen Daaz, and have never heard this factoid before! How interesting!


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