Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Night Wrap Up

I missed the Cephalopod Coffeehouse gathering...again.  Here are all the links if you are so inclined to go check them out!  Wonderful bloggers all!

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21.V's Reads22.Stephen Tremp
23.Ed & Reub24.StrangePegs -- The Spirit Well
25.Hungry Enough To Eat Six!26.Words Incorporated

I've been meaning to sit and babble at you all for awhile now.  A new school year is underway!  The family has become Doctor Who fans!  I was invited to my alma mater to join a small panel and speak to a class of first year students about the teaching profession.  Broomball has started!  There is so much in my head all of the time!

But instead, for you, a look at the members of Star Trek: The Next Generation (also in heavy rotation these days!) in Original Series uniforms! via io9


  1. picard looks the most different

  2. Naturally, it's Troi and Worf who look most at home with the altered threads.

    1. I liked the Trials and Tribble-ations DS9 episode...lots of good looks!

  3. Hi, Squidman sent me your way, :).
    Yeah, Deanna looks great in the original uniform. Well, Worf and Geordi, too. I think it's the red in general that looks good.

    1. Good call! And welcome! I'll be over to you as soon as I can!


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