Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Star Trek Stuff

This summer Logan and I are home alone a lot.  Nan is working this summer so that I can continue with my Masters Program and Haley is volunteering at one of the local sailing centers.

That means Logan and I have been watching LOTS of Star Trek recently...he seems to like it.  The collections I have let us cherry pick the best episodes or themes.  He seems to like Next Generation best, though we've seen a few Borg episodes from Voyager (that I had never seen) and we both were very impressed.

We are gearing up for some marathon viewing sessions with The Armchair Squid, Wikes, and maybe a few other.

Just a few cool Trek images from off of the world wide web.


  1. I'm glad I get to catch some too! "She must die, Jim."

  2. DS9, then Enterprise for me. There's a jumble after that. But I like all of Star Trek.

    1. We've not seen anything he hasn't liked. I grew up with TOS reruns. TNG hit when I was in high school, so that is MY Trek.


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