Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This Day In History: June 4, 1982

Poltergeist is released.  

I remember going to see this in the theater...I would have been 11.  Scared the living hell out of me!


  1. Not a fan of having the living hell scared outta me ...

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  3. I turned 11 that Summer too. For my birthday, I wanted to go see 'Poltergeist' with a bunch of friends, but one attendee's mother objected when she heard about the "face peeling" scene, so we went to 'Tron' instead. My parents took me to 'Poltergeist' a few days later, liked it then and it holds up pretty well today.

  4. I was waaay too easily scared as a kid to watch this in the theater. There were already things coming out of the gutter/closet/forest for me, I didn't need to add to the list. It's funny how some people genuinely love having the living hell scared out of them: I was just listening to a Stephen King interview on Fresh Air where he talked about this. Not me!


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