Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lazy Saturday

I was tired last night.  Played a VICIOUS game of "Keep Away" with the kids in all three of my classes in the afternoon and then a BRUISING loss in our Broomball game last night (complete with a pre- and post-game gathering).

I thought I would sleep in today, however, I did not.  Woke up at 6:11 AM (which is about 20 minutes later than a weekday.) So now I am in my "Man Cave" with this

on in the background and entering all of these

plus a few other eBay and ComicCollectorLive lots into my comic book data base.  Doubles will either go to The Squid or Lee.

The only thing on the agenda for today (besides reading comics as much as possible) is a birthday party and getting the Christmas tree!



  1. I wish the pics would get bigger when you clicked on them. I want to see the comic covers!

  2. I wish I had a better way to post pics.

    I find when I am in a non-collecting phase, I still read a few comic blogs and check out covers....sometimes the nostalgia is enough to keep me going....


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