Thursday, December 17, 2009

2000s: Top 10 MLB Games

Sports Illustrated has a few new Top Ten lists on their site right now. All of them have to do with Top "Something" of the Decade. I'm not one who really cares about when these "decade" lists come out ("There was no year ZERO!" "A decade literally means ANY ten year period!"), I do like when the Red Sox are on the list.

Red Sox 5, Yankees 4 (14 innings)
Game 5, 2004 ALCS

The Yankees got within three outs of a sweep in Game 4, but the Sox rallied against Mariano Rivera. This time, the Yanks got within six outs, leading 4-2, when the host Sox rallied again. Five scoreless innings followed with several missed opportunities, most notably a ninth-inning ground-rule double by Tony Clark that would have given the Yankees the lead had it not skipped over Fenway Park's short right-field wall, and Jason Varitek's nearly kicking away the game with three passed balls on Tim Wakefield's knuckler in the 13th. David Ortiz won it in the 14th with an RBI single. The Sox would become the first team to come back from a 3-0 deficit in a best-of-seven series, and then break their 86-year title drought with a World Series sweep of St. Louis.

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  1. All due respect and jealous haterish Phandom aside, shouldn't Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS be #1? What more thrilling, game- / series- / momentum-changing game was there in the 00s?

  2. And I can't even remember what number one was!!!


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