Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Weekend Haul....

When Nan first left Lane Press, we decided to save some money by hauling away our trash and recyclables ourselves.

As we continued the practice after she found new employment, we discovered that the Chittenden Solid Waste District had sheds to drop off other items.

Normally we find moldy encyclopedias or well used camping chairs. This sort of debris does not conform to my usually fastidious cheapness, but this weekend we found two incredible items. First was this Stihl FS45 weed whacker (GAS POWERED!!) that the older lady dropping off said had only been used once or twice.

After about 10 to 15 minutes of tinkering, I got it started up and she worked like a charm! Our electric weed trimmer is more dainty (hence "trimmer" and not "whacker") and has been giving me trouble recently (Sears is 0-for-2 with lawn equipment in my book, after our first mower crapped out on us last year) so this is a welcome addition to my growing collection of "toys".

To balance out the environmentally unfriendliness of this behemoth, we took this push mower that the same woman was dropping off. It works well on the wispy grasses that populate portions of our lawn and gives a good work out at the same time.

We paused briefly to consider why this woman was dropping this stuff off and came up with a positive story of an older couple whose last child has moved out and they have decided to move into a condo so they no longer needed items to help maintain their lawn. I truly hope that is the case.

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  1. My guess is you robbed the woman blind! She had no idea the treasures she was bestowing upon you! Miserly scoundrel!

  2. Such wonderful tray-zures!


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