Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Top Ten....

This is NOT an original idea. Here are ten comic book covers I like.

The only criteria I used is that I must own the comic. I scrolled through the collection quickly and this is what I got.

The issue's location on the list is dictated by the issue number. Here we go...

10. Green Lantern #10...sort of an iconic image

9. Batgirl: Year One #9...I like the art and the pose

8. Daredevil #8--A neat shot of Daredevil and Spiderman together...

7. Crisis on The Infinite Earths-This was a big deal back when it came out.

6. Pulse #6- Not a big name comic, but I like the image of Wolverine coming out of the cover.

5. Captain America #5

4. JLA/Avengers #4- 20 years in the making...

3. Trinity # 3- DC Comics' "Big Three"

2. World's Finest #2- DC's Two Biggest Villains

1. Batman: The Dark Knight #1....This blew my mind when it came out. And it wasn't available in Rutland so my grandfather went to Earth Prime Comics in Burlington and bought me, Dave and Chris each a copy. Just look at that

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