Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for Noises Off

Noises Off is currently #21 on my flickchart list.

Another movie that I can't trace my first watching.  Nan and I have since seen it performed on stage two or three times.  If you like screwball farces and have any love of the theater, you must see this movie.

It takes a few moments to get going but it grows and grows in laughs.  Each viewing still has me gasping for air as I am laughing so hard!!

The basic premise is that we are watching a group of actors attempt to put on a play entitled "Nothing On".  We get to see the trials and tribulations as the group move in and out of relationships and still try to remain "professional", because "the show must go on..."


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  1. Great play, great screwball comedy.

    1. Even the ambitious high school productions I've seen are good!!!

    2. I saw a version in college. It's hard not to do this one right. I think even one that screwed it up would be amusing!

  2. I can't even begin to tally how many times we have pooped this movie in at home! Because it's a lot!


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