Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire is currently #47 on my flickchart list.

It took a bit of scrolling through my list to find my first J.  I really expected it to be Jurassic Park, doubly so since the kids have recently been introduced to my favorite dinosaur movie and we have watched it a lot.  However, Jerry Maguire is ONE SLOT ahead of Jurassic Park.

I have not seen this movie in a long time.  And I am not really a Cameron Crowe fan.

This movie, however, was released during an incredible time of doubt and self-reflection in my own life.  When I went to see it, alone, it resonated with me.  A man who lost himself...needed to hit the bottom before bouncing back.  And Jerry's mission statement..."The Things We Think and Do Not Say" was MY call to arms.  Everything in the movie, especially at the time, showed me how things could be for me.

It was me.  

And I am almost afraid to watch it again.  I worry it won't stand the test of time. I also don't want to re-rank it.

But either way, I got the happy ending I finally realize I deserved.


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  1. that's my brother's favorite movie

  2. I love this movie and would happily join you for a repeat viewing anytime. Apart from the "feel good" aspect, I think it's brilliantly written. One of my all-time favorite lines:

    "That's not a dress. That's an Audrey Hepburn movie."

    I first saw it in Japan with a British girlfriend. She liked it but didn't understand half the story because she knew nothing about American football. I wouldn't even have thought of that ahead of time - smooth move, Squid!

    It's also a film that uses music well. McCartney's "Singalong Junk" is perfectly placed.

    1. PS You definitely deserved the happy ending. And, she bakes!

    2. I shared this PS with my teaching partner and he gave a knowing smile!

  3. Well, this was a surprisingly intimate post.

    That's the thing about art. The same thing at a different time, and the impact is mitigated. They say you can't step in the same river twice because either the river has changed, or you have. An instance of art, like a film, doesn't change but we are constantly evolving -- sometimes wildly -- so to be able to revisit something and have it remain meaningful is a special thing.

    Have never seen Jerry Maguire, but congratulations on your happy ending. 'Cept it ain't over yet! I bought my mom a candle for Mother's Day last year that read, 'The Best is Yet to Come.' I know, weird thing for a candle to have a caption. Smelled great, though.

    1. "They say you can't step in the same river twice because either the river has changed, or you have."

      I like that...a lot! I think I am going to steal it for the banner of this blog!

  4. One of my favorite Tom Cruise movies. Great good stuff.

    1. I don't seek Cruise out and I don't think I give him enough credit, but SO many of his movies are in my top 100 on flickchart! And looking now, while writing this, I wanna re-rank a couple that seem too far down the list!!

  5. Its never the same the second time around.

  6. I have also only seen this once. At the time, I was sure I would hate it (was not and am not a Cruise fan) but I really liked it! I wouldn't mind seeing it again now.

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    Ruby Wilbur

  7. I have never seen this one, I am not sure I would...hmm tom cruise ...hmm no

    1. He may surprise you here!! I keep thinking I feel the same way, but all evidence points to the contrary!


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