Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lazy Weekend

Last night I donated some comics to our local Goodwill.  It frees up some much needed space in my file cabinets, nets me some bags & boards for new books and will possibly help us out at tax time.  Here is a sampling of what has left....nothing too phenomenal but it makes me feel good...

All 52 issues...kept my duplicates of  issue #1 and #11.

All of this series except #4...couldn't find it anywhere!

Issues intrigued me when advertised but I don't even remember reading it!


I found these three while looking for the missing issue of Countdown.  Looking at my software tells me I got them as part of a lot of 118 books I bought on eBay in 2005 for about $8.00!

I also found this....I think it was a mini-series I just never followed up on....

So like I said, I can feel good about the donation, the tax credit, extra space and some bags and boards...But it gave me the itch to dig into the software and file cabinets and find things I WANT to read again!


  1. You didn't want to read 52 again? Literally my favorite comic of the past five years. But an awesome donation!

    1. I went back and forth...I figured if I do want to read it later, I can always get the trade from my library!


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