Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cinema Sunday: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Currently #25 on my flickchart list
My son was a little bugged that he hadn't seen a movie when it opened at midnight.  He good-naturedly ribs me occasionally that I took The Armchair Squid to see The Avengers midnight opening....neglecting to recall that at the time, my son was 8 and not up to a midnight showing.

Our original plan to see this movie on opening night was derailed by my current quest to obtain my master's degree...I had class last Thursday, Friday and Saturday making it impossible to fit in a screening.

So we made plans to go to the latest showing possible this past Friday night.  We had so much fun on our Father-Son Night Out.  The previews rocked.  During one, I said we needed to see the movie advertised in the theater...Logan replied "On another night like this!".  He was easily the youngest member of the audience and reveled in that fact.

When the movie was over, we both started babbling about the Easter Eggs we caught and were eager to see it again.  Logan pegged it as his second favorite movie in the Marvel Universe.  I put it third behind Captain America: The First Avenger.  We both have The Avengers first.

I sometimes have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that we live in a world where the SEQUEL to a Captain America movie holds the box office record for April releases.  Where I would get a SEQUEL to a Thor movie and enjoy it even more than the first Thor movie.  Where I would have THREE Iron Man movies to rank and be okay with not liking some of them!!

Someone recently posted on-line that they could imagine themselves as an old man lecturing kids on the days when there were so few good superhero flicks growing up.  I remember the days of having to hang my hat on the first Superman movie and some of the second Superman movie.  I remember convincing myself that the first few Batman movies were enough to hold me over until...some day.

Now I'm waiting for Guardians of the Galaxy, a second Avengers movie, an Ant-Man movie....


  1. Sounds like a great bonding moment!

    I'd love to see a Sub-Mariner movie.

  2. I wanna see it! I've heard it was so good...

  3. Great Father-Son Night Out! It was the best Marvel movie yet.

  4. Bonding over Captain America. It seems right.

  5. It was my favorite besides Avengers

  6. Perhaps the greatest achievement in a movie full of them is that The Winter Soldier makes Captain America more than just a super gymnast, it makes him a person. Full review later.

  7. I didn't like the casting choice of Chris Evans as Cap and so was prepared to write off this arm of the ever expanding Marvel Universe. Now I have to eat my words. Storyline and presentation here are exemplary, and Cap begins to feel like a character worthy of his own merit.
    With the Avengers a solid success and now the


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