Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cinema Sunday: February 2, 2014: "Definitely not Swedish."

Cinema Sunday: The Lone Ranger, Independence Day (Special Edition), X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Star Trek: First Contact

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It always seems like faint praise to say a movie was better than I expected.  That being said, despite the reviews, we actually expected to like this movie.  Nan and I are big fans of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but were disappointed by numbers 2 and 3.  The fourth was, for us, a return to form.

While we agreed this movie could have been a little more "light" in places, overall it was enjoyable.  We expect it to be added to our collection once we find a used copy.

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I saw this sooooo many times in the theater.  At the time, it led to the (short lived) public debut of both my Robert Loggia and Harry Connick, Jr. impressions.  Despite all of that, I've never seen this extended edition.  Well, I've a stack of papers to correct, two assessments to enter into the school grade book and a week's worth of lessons to plan, so why not bring up some movies to have on in the background.

I find it weird to type that this version added to the movie, but it actually did.  A few character motivations get fleshed out and there is nothing that feels padded.

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Better than I remembered.  And the only portrayal of Gambit in any medium that I've liked!  I'm fine with the mucked up movie timeline and the changes to how things "really" happened in the comics.

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Our last movie of the day was Logan's choice.  We watched it with the pop up Trek trivia which fired us both up to watch more episodes of ALL of the series.  It leaves the episode of Enterprise which deals with the fall out of this movie as the only Borg themed installment we haven't seen!


  1. "The Lone Ranger" was a fun one! And somehow I had forgotten about the old Lone Ranger theme song so when it appeared near the end of the movie I was just tickled. It was nice to listen/half-watch the other 3 from the kitchen :)

  2. I just finished The Lone Ranger, much better than I expected

  3. Exactly! It was the same way with "John Carter" quickly became a family favorite...despite the critical drubbing it took!

  4. The Love Ranger was fun, but it was a one time thing for me.

  5. The Enterprise episode explains why the Borg were so obsessed with humanity. And it has everything to do with First Contact. Not a hugely awesome episode, but it does some necessary continuity connecting.

  6. I've seen Independence Day approximately 1,776 times, and you're saying now that there's a BETTER version?!!!


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