Thursday, December 12, 2013

"'s that man teacher!"

A group of students in the Art room next to my classroom heard our raucous math game this morning and commented "'s that man teacher!" when they heard my voice through the air ducts.  It made me realize that I am indeed a minority in my school and in my profession.  My teaching partner is a male and there is a male kindergarten teacher but that is it for classroom teachers in our elementary school.  We have some males in the Unified Arts and lots of them in the middle and high school buildings.

However, that isolation is nothing compared to that felt by the men who have led this country.  I'm not commenting on the "selfie" brouhaha or the sign language boner from the recent Nelson Mandela memorial service.  Instead, I was struck by these recently released behind the scenes photos.  I cannot imagine what these men talk about...


  1. Ha! That middle picture is a good one, how did they get stuck in the same room?! Poor guys...

  2. it does make you wonder what they do talk about

  3. Probably the same stuff we do - you know, Dr. Who and such... and what they do themselves with the super secret TARDIS in the White House storage vault. Oh no, I've said too much!


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