Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Birthday...To Me!

Our blogs are all about us, right?  Sure we want to make connections and make someone chuckle or what have you, but when push comes to shove they are about US!  After all, the topic we most enjoy discussing is usually ourselves.

What a great birthday weekend I just had!  I stayed late for the last two weeks at school to have Parent Teacher Conferences and to get Friday off!  Friday is my wife's birthday!  Saturday we were the same age for the day.  Today is my birthday!

Thursday night saw some Doctor Who and a Red Sox victory!  I even wrote a lesson plan for my Master's Class!

Friday was a lazy day...but Friday night we had a nearly a dozen friends over for drinks and appetizers.  It was such a pleasant affair.  Everyone seemed to laugh and have fun.  The Armchair Squid brought gifts (I'll review mine on Friday!)  My teaching partner brought my wife a HUMONGOUS pumpkin, hoping she could use it for her recent spate of pumpkin themed recipes.  Alas, it was a carving pumpkin, not a cooking pumpkin

We had a Broomball game and we won!  It was quite an effort but we prevailed.  After the game most folks came back to the house for some more drinks and some carving of the pumpkin

Saturday we went to visit my brother and his wife in Worcester.  Nan and the kids hadn't met the baby yet.  My folks came down.  We had a great dinner and a fun visit.  My folks got us all hotel rooms to save a long drive home.

My beloved Red Sox won a return to the World Series, just after midnight, officially on my birthday!

We went to a Panera near our hotel for breakfast.  I entered announcing it was my birthday.  Our cashier, Amy, said it was hers as well and she bought my breakfast after I told her if I was a girl, my parents wanted to name me Amy!

Our ride home was filled with a backlog  NPR's Sunday Puzzle...we had an impressive success rate!  We went to one Target and used our birthday gift cards!

I'm just feeling happy and babbly!  

Happy Sunday to all!

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