Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Recap 3-24-13

I spent all of last week disturbingly obsessed by the Taco Bell Cool Ranch Doritos Taco.  I can't explain the fascination.  Regardless, once school was out on Friday (and my teaching partner and I had our monthly debriefing beer), the family and I headed out to the mall and had the taco.

I think we were all underwhelmed by the experience.  After dinner, we wandered into a collectible shop.  I have a list of movies I've been hoping to find and FYE had none of them at a price I was willing to pay.  We hit the 3 for $10 I couldn't pass these up...the numbers are my flickchart ratings...







#829, 735, 894, 186

The four pack made it an average price of $2.50 per movie!  Cheaper than renting them again!!  We did "Spies Like Us" once we got home.  Most of the movie seems to have held up and the one or two borderline jokes ("What's a dickfer?") seemed to go over the kid's heads.

Saturday was...interesting.  I drove to Rutland (about 2 hours south) and met Marc for lunch and "Olympus Has Fallen."


We had a fun time.  The movie was over-the-top, gratuitously violent and jingoistic.  Marc provided my two favorite moments....First, there was a on screen "18 months later" graphic...Marc paused just long enough and leaned over and said "That's a year and a half."  Second, as the end credits rolled, Marc summed the movie up as "So, the whole movie was about a guy trying to get his job back."

I left Marc to meet up with my folks.  We went to the memorial service for the man who performed my brain surgery all those years ago.  His wife was the head nurse and the first person who got me out of bed and started me on the path to recovery.  I got word of his death last week after dealing with some other rough family stuff.

I stopped at a local video store near our house on the way home and picked up a few more movies.  At four bucks each I got...




I passed on Dredd....which I am regretting, even though it was $7.....  

I also hit the local comic book store and grabbed a few things....which made me realize I need to do a proper comic post REAL soon!

Last night we watched "X-Men: First Class" and today the weekend is ending with a handful of "Law and Order" episodes before everyone woke up and then viewings of "Jurassic Park III" and "Journey 2 The Mysterious Island".

So just some babble....


  1. first class is pretty awesome

  2. Some of the images didn't show up for me, so I don't know everything you scored! Still, fun read!

  3. Thanks for the heads up, Tony...I think I have it fixed!


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