Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The votes have been counted...

I was so pleased by the suggested names for this blog...especially when I hadn't any idea of where to go with a title on my own.

My wife and I batted the suggestions back and forth over the Thanksgiving Break and settled on Bubba Shelby's suggestion for several reasons....

But first, the others were all so good....Nan liked the wordplay that The Armchair Squid came up with and I am seriously thinking of changing my on-line persona to Tony's suggestion but in the end....

I realize everybody's blog is their outlet.  Some of you are so well organized and so well written.  My little corner of the "world wide web" is a place for you to check in with what is going on with find out "what's up"....

I also like the Looney Tunes connection.  The cartoons where a staple growing up and remain a favorite to this day.

And lastly, an unexpected connection.

Before we got married, my wife and I lived with my grandparents for a year.  Each winter my grandparents went to Florida for several months.  Before their last trip together, my grandfather spent a night with us going through a box of photographs from his time in World War II....from training camp to his posting to his capture and his liberation.  It was an incredible evening that brings tears to my eyes as I type this.

We ended the night with his sharing everyone's nicknames...they all had nicknames.  I asked his.  He told me "They called me Doc."  I asked why...eager to hear another story and curious about the origins...excited for more insight into this man I admired so much.

"It rhymed with Mock...they weren't very clever."


  1. YAY! What do I win! ;)

    but seriously, that's a great story from your Grandfather and although I too am an avid Loony Tunes fan the rhyme with 'doc' is really the only reason I had to throw it out there.

    Also, I am a genius.

  2. I love the explanation. Good choice at that.


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